Talk about money on your first date?

In this context, I do not mean personal issues that concern salaries or savings, but money in general. It seems difficult to explain what you do in life and how to make a living without ever mentioning money. Of course, the exception is when the other person already knows what you are doing by the first date.

How long to wait to start talking about money?

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Serious and in-depth money talks appear to develop over time as the relationship develops naturally. At the outset of a relationship, one often understands the other’s spending habits and clarifies the other’s long-term goals, priorities, etc. Later on, talk about starting a cohabitation or marriage usually begins, which is simply difficult to miss without serious and deep talks about money – how and how it will be earned, shared, spent, saved, and so on.

Who should be the main moneymaker in your relationship?

Let’s face it, no matter who makes it, one of the two will always make more. However, the main money earner in the family is not always the winner of the highest salary – it is more important to be able to plan a budget, manage money and see its potential. Whoever has these competencies in a relationship must also be the ultimate money holder.

Is managing money in a relationship more difficult than being alone?

As experience has shown, managing it is not more difficult, but more complicated, as you have to manage more positions than being alone. This is especially true at the beginning of a relationship when you each have your own bank accounts, bills, and financial obligations. Most often, these positions converge over time and become easier to manage.

Should you pay the other’s credit?

Should you pay the other

The answer to this question is ambiguous as it depends on everyone’s beliefs, financial capabilities and relationships in general. To help answer this question, it is imperative to recall the fact that any loan should be repaid as quickly as possible in order not to pay a significant amount of interest in the long run. Relationships are a great union that can drive this process, but the amount of credit saved by paying it off faster can be diverted to other common goals.

Is credit a threat to relationships?

Unless the amount of the loan is excessive and it lasts for decades, it does not seem to be a threat to the relationship, although of course it depends on each individual’s beliefs about that type of credit obligation, life goals and priorities.

Is it important to have the same views on money?

Is it important to have the same views on money?

Experience shows, however, that it matters. In fact, the views do not have to be identical, but they are compatible. For example, one sees the potential for profit everywhere and the other for its investment potential. Since money is involved in all spheres of life, this issue is very important. Or one is a creative personality and the other is an entrepreneur who sees ways to use that creativity for profit. A union in which one only makes money and the other only spends is certainly not potentially lasting and happy.

Is it possible to change the other’s spending habits?

As with any habits, it is easier or harder to change your spending habits over time, if one really wants to. Many people like to spend money the way they do, even though it does not agree with all financial experts. If in a relationship one does not mind, then the other must understand what to do – try to change their habits or still not react to it. This issue needs to be addressed just like any other relationship issue, discouraging perseverance, turning on logical thinking and being willing to compromise.