A few years ago, it was necessary to wait for the beginning of the month to consult the operations intervened on its bank account or its revolving credit. With the Internet, the list of transactions can be consulted at any time and is updated as the entries are processed. This facility is in line with Article L. 311-16 of the Consumer Code, which requires the lender to inform the borrower of the use of its revolving credit. This provision of information is also very useful in the context of a conventional credit, the online consultation avoiding having to search for the schedule provided with the contract when it is signed. Regular updating of the data also allows for greater responsiveness in case of problems such as the collection of additional costs.


Online Transaction Log, Permanent Control Tower

Online Transaction Log, Permanent Control Tower

Clement pays great attention to controlling his budget. This is why at least once a week, he consults online his statements of operations both in terms of his bank account and its revolving credit. He is thus quickly informed of his available reserve and especially of the real cost of his credit.

By consulting his statements of online transactions , Thomas finds an unusual levy of 35 dollars on his revolving credit. While staying on the website of the credit company, he sends an e-mail to ask the reasons for this deduction. He receives the response less than 48 hours later informing him that it is an entry error that will be quickly corrected. By consulting again his statements the next day, Thomas consults and notes with relief that the amount debited by mistake is offset by a credit line of the same value.


Not very comfortable with the Internet

online credit

But his son was able to convince him of the positive side of some services. This is how the pensioner finally gets used to regularly consult the statements of operations of his bank account or his consumer credit subscribed last month. It is thanks to the ease of access to this information that he realizes that the payment of monthly payments that must occur every 10th of the month is in fact scheduled for the 5th. His pension is only transferred between 5 and on the 8th of the month, Albert telephoned the credit society, which admitted to having made a mistake and immediately corrected the date of deduction.