That, how to make a review? Although you may say: and what do I want to do a review for? Well, to sell!

I tell you.

One of the most widespread ways to earn income online (in the world of online business) is affiliate marketing .

As I imagine you will know, it is to offer your audience products or services of third parties that are related to your theme. That are related to the interests of that audience. That, therefore, that audience may feel inclined or predisposition to acquire them because they serve them, because they meet their needs or because they bring an improvement to their lives.


But is that selling is so ugly and so roll 

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Some think that. And I say it because the question of the sale there are many people who have it demonized (as well as marketing). They consider that it is a painful thing, that people have to be fooled, that they have to lie, press … And all to achieve your goal, that it is only to take the money to your pocket (to the paypal account, in the digital era).

Nothing further from reality. I, who sell, do not press or lie. And like me, many. That others do … Well, there are also people who steal, kill, viola, scam …

To sell is to offer people the possibility of increasing the level of well-being in their lives. To sell is to offer someone what they need, is to respond to their needs, solve their problems, improve their existence. Seen this way, is there something wrong with that? Well, that is selling.

To sell is to offer people the possibility of increasing the level of well-being in their lives – Share it!    

I, who dedicate myself to many things, when someone offers me something that can help me, I am glad and I appreciate it. Because I repeat: it will help me. Who doesn’t want help, who doesn’t want to improve, who doesn’t want to have everything easier? Denying that possibility for not spending your money is as absurd as refusing to eat for not having to travel to collect food.


Sell ​​in affiliate marketing

Sell ​​in affiliate marketing

Returning to affiliate marketing : if you talk about X things on your website, and the people who attend are interested in those things, nothing is more appropriate than offering solutions that can come in handy.

Now, to do things right, affiliate marketing must be well built.

The requirements for affiliate marketing to work – Share it!    

That implies a number of things:

  • Have a qualified, interested and focused audience . This, as you will understand, is not the same as simply “having an audience.”
  • Talk about specific and specific things on your site, aligned with the interests of that audience. Keyword: aligned. It’s not about writing and recording yourself with the first thing that goes through your head. You have to plan things a little. Know what people want … and give it to them.
  • Gradually become an expert, a reference in your niche . Who would you pay more attention to: Steve Jobs, if the poor person were still alive, or the cousin of your neighbor whose son has a store where he repairs computers, because they threw him out of school and his mother set up the store for him to do something? Being an expert is that: being an expert. I think we all know what I mean.
  • Offer only products that you trust, that you know, whose authors deserve respect and trust because you know them (them or their products; in the digital age, where we are each in one place, it is not necessary that you know everyone in person).
  • And finally there is something you must do yes or yes to be able to offer with conviction a product: review it, make a review.


What is a review?

What is a review?

A review is a detailed description that you do of something, in which you show its characteristics, and especially the benefits it offers to the user.

It can also be said that it is the analysis of a product or its criticism from a constructive point of view, that is, showing its strengths and weaknesses.

So, when we talk about offering something that has an undoubted interest for users, a great strategy is to review it . It is not simply to write an article about the product (even less to insert a simple banner on our website), but to make a complete review of it . Thus, the user will receive all the information and know the aspects that benefit him, those that solve his problem or improve it in some aspect.


And as in everything, it is not the same to make a review than to make a GOOD review .

Is not the same.

Although it is best to make a SUPER review .


How to make a great, amazing and wonderful review

How to make a great, amazing and wonderful review

The first thing to know is that your reader wants to know the truth, and although it may be subjective (each one has its own), the truth is that the product will have both positive and negative aspects. Nothing is so good, good … or so bad, bad …, therefore be fair, be honest and be truthful. And that means you review both aspects, the positive and the negative .

Presents an organized, organized, structured review by parts . Do not start to release everything you can think of and simply write the sentences one after the other. A little order and concert always comes in handy.

Use language that is understandable to your audience , based on their level of knowledge. No one better than you to know if they are beginners or experts in something. Depending on that, you will have to dig deeper, or use some terms or others.

Identify precisely the product or service in question . Let it be clear from the first moment what we are talking about as accurately as possible.

Explain why this product is different from the rest, to those of its kind, to those that already exist.

Offer your opinion on it, providing objective data on which your assessments are based. Do not simply say that it is difficult to use, explain why.

Accompany your explanation with photographs or screenshots of the elements that you consider relevant. Do not limit yourself to text alone. Make it visual, entertaining, eye-friendly. That is not a tostón ?.

Although to make fantastic reviews (and earn money with them), nothing better than teach you to make it a true expert.